Lighting Design Service

For many years lighting design was considered to be a low priority. However more recently it has been proven that good design from Lighting Professionals, Architects and Designers can play a major role in enhancing employee’s working experience and health, influencing company productivity and profits and reducing staff absences.


Lighting is often responsible for up to half of a commercial premises power usage, and can be the finishing touch to a building designed to provide a dynamic, stimulating environment for all users.


Good lighting design involves a wide range of information, and it is this information that is crucial in ensuring the designer/installer makes the correct choice of luminaires for the environments being illuminated.


Free Lighting Design Service

Déluce Lighting’s design team offer a full free lighting design service and are dedicated to delivering professional designs and presentations individually tailored to meet customer’s requirements.

Site surveys are available and in addition visits to our extensive showroom in Doncaster can also be arranged.

Speak to your local Déluce representative or contact Déluce Lighting direct for more information.

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